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Illumination & The Meritocratic Manifesto

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The Meritocracy Party campaigns to replace democracy with meritocracy. Democracy has become the single biggest obstacle to the rise of the most meritorious. In the USA, no matter your talents, you cannot become President unless you have access to vast wealth to fund your campaign. In Great Britain, social mobility - the opportunity to improve your social standing - has gone into reverse. If you are born into a poor family you are statistically almost certain to remain poor, regardless of your merits. If your parents are rich, you can start looking forward to a prosperous future, again regardless of your merits.The Meritocracy Party seeks to remove the link between parental wealth and children's outcomes in life, and to eradicate nepotism and cronyism, the dual drivers of privilege. The Meritocracy Party is "viral". You don't need to join anything, seek anyone's permission, go to any meetings or pay any money. If you're broadly in tune with the meritocractic ethos, all you have to do is go out and spread the word.*****"We are the Illuminati. We are the messengers of the True God. Our sacred mission is to bring humanity into full union with the True God so that there is no longer any distinction between the human race and the divine essence. We are able to show how this can be achieved using Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics. It's time for humanity to open its eyes and see the divine light for the first time. Our religion is called Illumination. We have emerged from the shadows to cast the light of Abraxas, the True God, on this benighted world; to bring Illumination - enlightenment - to everyone."***Text: http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/

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1 johnson  
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