The power pyramid is probably the most inaccurate display of how power works.

Look at the top. There are very few people and they are not physically or mentally better than us. So why do they get to enjoy the view? The answers include: their parents put them there, they have lied, cheated and bribed there way up or, on the rare occasion, there talent has taken them there. 

Then take a look at the bottom. They are strong enough to keep the whole of society moving and they are of a greater number than the people at the top. So what happens if we, the metaphorical Atlas, shrug and remove the weight of the world from our shoulders? Simple, we bring society to its knees no one can go anywhere do anything. Does this not make you wonder who really holds the power? Is it the 70 million people at the top of the world? Or the 4 billion people holding it up?

What about the middle? They are the fence sitters in the coming race. The ones driven to do the wrong things because of the law and knowing in the hearts what the right thing is.