In the present day people are controlled with money. here are a few examples

Example 1

You got to work 5 times a week for 8 hours and you wonder why you do it then you wonder what if I quit? What would I lose? The only answer is money and so you keep at your boring job.

Example 2

You know a man who is wanted by the police for theft. The only reason you decide to hand him in because there is a juicy £1000 reward that you just cannot resist.

Example 3

You are on your way to the beach. So you are driving down a dual carriageway, with a speed limit of 50mph,but you do not want to exceed the speed limit as it could mean a heavy fine.

At no point should money be an incentive. If you are working you should do something you enjoy doing not something you are forced to do, if you know of a criminal you should report him without needing a reward and if you are thinking about going over the speed limit you should use common sense and realise that the limit is there for a reason.