Tomorrow's Education 

The purpose of a proper education system is to give each and every person the best chance in life. It is not supposed to be a sausage machine squeezing out an endless supply of drones, droids, and unthinking, compliant, submissive conformist fodder for capitalist offices and businesses.

Education must be tailor-made for everyone. How is that accomplished? A one-size-fits-all system must be consigned to history. 

Variety is the key to the new education paradigm, based on Meyers-Briggs personality types. There should be sixteen parallel education systems, one for each Myers-Briggs type. The education provided will be perfect for each type, addressing students' strengths and avoiding their weaknesses.

This will be the first time in history that students will get a bespoke education designed to draw out the best from them rather than just throwing a single curriculum at everyone. 

Children should receive this type of primary education from age 4 to 10. The purpose of this education is to ensure that everyone can read, write and count fluently, and to start identifying where their main interests and talents lie.

In the secondary phase of the education system (from age 10 - 16), there are four education systems based on the four Keirsey "temperaments" - guardians, artisans, idealists and rationalists. This allows the mixing of introverts and extraverts. 

Secondary education provides everyone with a broad education across many subjects, culminating in the students' completing three final-year projects in the subjects that most interest them.

The tertiary education system (from 16 - 21) involves the provision of the 10,000 hours said to be necessary to turn someone into an expert in any chosen field. The student, on the basis of his most successful project at the end of his secondary education, chooses the field he wishes to specialise in then gets five years of it at the most intense level. At 21, he is an expert in his field and can enter the workforce and make an instant impact at the highest level. He will be so expert that he could easily become the boss within a year.

We will have a whole generation of 21-yr-old experts - the most educated group in human history - ready to change the world almost overnight. They will be the most elite human beings of all time, ready to implement such visionary paradigms as the Venus Project.

These 21-yr-olds will be experts in subjects they love. They can expect to enjoy extremely fulfilling lives devoted to what excites them most. They will not be fodder for capitalist bosses. Most of them will be massively better educated and more expert than their bosses. They will be the vanguard in a human revolution. They are our glorious future.

There may be a fourth component of the education system (from 21 - 26) - the genius level. Those who have proved themselves the most expert in their fields will receive another 10,000 hours of education in the hope that they will go beyond the known bounds of their field and generate the new ideas that open up endless new possibilities for humanity.