The Five W's


To sum up who we are there are 3 simple points. These points will be true of all our members and probably, as you are still reading, true of you to:

  • Democracy is a scam and a way for the few to control the many
  • The systems in place are unfair, unjust and benefit the few 
  • Only we can take control and right the wrongs 


We are the unstoppable force, the immovable object. This is because we hold a perfect idea (Though it is a work in progress and is far more difficult than it looked). 

  • An idea is the most lethal parasite 
  • An idea has no physical restraints
  • An idea is impossible to kill 
  • An idea will live in the heart, the head and the body.

 This is what we are. An idea.


A revolution cannot be placed. If it could then any revolution would be simply crushed, look back at the French and American revolutions (Though they were misinterpreted). So we are everywhere and nowhere. Lets see the elite try and stop us.


The Old World Order is all about establishing a permanent patrician class. It looks to the mediaeval concept of the monarch appointed by 'divine right' and able to pass the crown down the family line forever.

The Old World Order has in fact already achieved about 90% of its agenda. Ordinary people don't get a look in when it comes to genuine power and the best jobs. We are not in the game. We are plebeians. What's worse, we deserve to be. We have it within our power to overthrow the patricians at any time. Instead we let them rule. From now there will be no excuses.


We do not know exactly when the revolution will take place. Though we have named it Z-day, zero day. It is named so for two different reasons; the first is that it will be the day that society is restarted, similar to the year 0, and secondly it will be the day that the "Zero”, the "99%” or the nobody, realises that we are more than we think.