Ask the question is this how you want to live? Though consider should people be given a better education, a better life, just because of their parents?

We are nobodies are names easily forgotten, our lives easily given in sacrifice. Now is the time to stand up for the nobodies. As we stand in one of the most revolutionary times in history. This is the world of the dreamers as all nobodies dream, we dream of nice cars and houses but despite our hard work and struggles we are not recognised and are forgotten.

But ideas and dreams cannot be crushed and they have not been for thousands of years. Slaves/nobodies have always dreamed of becoming somebody and the master of their own fate. Dreamers are the key to the uprising without us the world would cease to exist, if we stopped dreaming we would stop with the hellish jobs and society would grind to a halt.

Our goal is to switch governments. Yes it sounds absurd and the questions flow; how can we change from democracy? What do we change to? What are the rules of this change. The answer is that we aim to change it to a republic meritocracy, this is where the government is restricted by laws that protect the public. Meritocracy is somthing that has been played down it is where a persons abilities and talents are supported.

Who are we? I here you ask. Though you should see we are nobody. We are the people who aren't noticed in society's eye. Though the question is who are you? are you us or them? nobody or somebody?

Here they are both defined:

Somebody - a person who believes themselves to be above everyone else. Those people who would be able to say things like "I get paid a million dollars for wearing clothes" or "I get paid ten million dollars for taking wild risks with other peoples money". Somebodies are bankers, super models and politicians, people who get a lot of money for doing nothing or for causing bad things to happen to us. These people account for a tiny amount of the population but account for ALL of its history.

Nobody -  a person who fades into the background of society. These people have no place and see themselves as nothing compared to the somebodies. Almost everyone is a nobody but no one sees them. They are the warriors, Dustbin men,  plumbers,  waiters and waitresses, the list goes on. Their glory is momentary and their names forgotten instantly. They hold over 99.9% of the population of the world but no one remembers them.

Can you admit you are a nobody or do you still believe you are somebody? 

If you are a nobody come join us

If you are a somebody then call your friend somebodies and tell them. . .


We are coming 

The dawn of the Nobody.

The rise of Nothing.
The triumph of No One.